Whittlesea Commissions – Baby Bundle




November 5, 2020

Bukjeh‘s plans to present a major performance in the City of Whittlesea in 2020 were dramatically disrupted by Covid-19. Forced, like so many, to “pivot”, and find new ways to connect communities when we’re required to remain more physically separate than ever before, stay tuned for updates on the future of Bukjeh in the municipality.

In the meantime, the City commissioned Bukjeh artists to prepare a creative response to their experiences of lockdown. These works were written and produced in the middle of Melbourne’s Stage 4 lockdowns, a beautiful time capsule.
José-Pepe Inostroza Aqueveque
  Florence Folole Tupuola
and Rania Ahmed
Movement: José-Pepe Inostroza Aqueveque
Florence Folole Tupuola
Poetry: Rania Ahmed
Filmed by José-Pepe Inostroza Aqueveque and Florence Folole Tupuola