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Spread Your Bukjeh
Spread Your Bukjeh

Rania Ahmed

Spread your bukjeh
On your childhood bed
straighten out the four corners
Gather what you can
The floral skirt
with tulle edging
you wore to gardens
on the first day of spring
to blend in with
new born roses.
The hair clips glittering
in rainbow colours
Treasured in a royal box
Silver engraved waves.
The sweet scent of your
Strawberry shaped pink
Poker dotted eraser.
Enchanted pencil case
with magnetic doors.
The smile on the face
Of your red cabbage patch.
Golden earrings surrounding
a turquoise gemstone.
Gather friendship memories.
Moments never to return
Shereen, sarah
Noha and Rania.
Make room for the first time
You held a telephone
and said "Aloo".
Don't forget the sound of the whistle
Announcing the arrival
Of the fairy floss man
You love fairy floss.
Pack the balcony's dusty
Metal green rails
They are your pretend window
To look upon neighbouring secrets.
And bring your budgie Lollita
With her morning tweets.
The tomato carriage
Dragged by the scrawny donkey
And a man yelling
Team :"Hamra ya OOtaa"
Bring the family warmth
The stability of a home.
The aunts and uncles
you may never see.
Squeeze in the front porch
with its stairs, a playground
Witnessing your laughter.
Pack grandpa's hug
Drenched in old spice cologne
Grandma's kushari
And a street smelling of
Crunchy fried onions
Topped up with chilli powder
And eased by soothing cold
Rice pudding and sultanas.
Pack the lollyshop man
Ice cream dolsi
chocolata koroona
bembem chewing gum
And nighty twinkies
TO have with pretend tea.
Pack queing up
At the hairdressers
The night before eid.
Heat burning your scalp
As you are transformed
into a princess while
The eid song is resonating
Team"El eid farha".
Pack your favourite tv shows
Boogie w tamatam
Eid et tufoola
Geddo abdu
Pack your teachers
Miss MIra and her
Three golden stars
On my proud book.
Pack fridays
Tranquility in the air
FIlled with scented smoke
To gather the angels.
Marking the end of the week.
Holly verses flood the street
For today all are happy.
Pack the mulbury tree
You tippitoed to get
Sweet juicy taste squirting
burgendy stains on your top.
The sugracane juice
In an aluminium jug
Poured in a large glass
Just for little me.
And bring a necklace of
twenty jasmines
from the man standing
At the traffic light.
Pack the world...
about to disappear.
Now to close your bukjeh
Bring the top right hand corner
along with bottom left hand corner
tie and knot.
And the top left hand corner
along with the bottom right hand corner.
Tie another knot.
Tie them both onto a stick
To carry on your
Fragile shoulders
you may need a strong stick
your bukjeh is heavy.
very heavy.


This is a picture of me and my friends Maria and Hana.

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