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Taj Eldeeb


Taj Eldeeb

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Write a Poetry ( English & Arabic )

A workshop aiming to introduce people who have never written or attempted poetry to find a simple way to construct metaphors and similes. It starts by explaining adjectives, concrete noun and abstract noun. Constructing a metaphor is explained and practiced, once the writer is confident, they can start making a few metaphors. Practicing figures of speech and smiles triggers feelings and emotions which help in writing abstract nouns. Once a few
sentences are written, a ten-line poem is attempted. The poet helps the writers write and perform the poem. Background and prompts are used. A safe space is created to help the person feel unjudged and perform at their best. The idea is express emotions on paper and release negative energy into something constructive. The workshop has been used for people of all ages, in English and other languages with an interpreter. The poetry workshop has created many positive memories for people coping with trauma, domestic violence, grief therapy and displacement. It can work with many topics including identity, teen issues, and suicide. It helps amalgamate cognition and emotional strain together to help healing.
The poetry workshop has been used for holiday programs, council programs for women and in schools. It can be done over many weeks or only one week depending on how fast or slow we go. The slower the better because a more spectacular piece is created.

About the artist:
Rania is a Muslim Egyptian poet and writer who aims to change perspective via her writing.
Winner of the MSW poetry prize 2018, her writing humanizes all and stirs thoughts through
controversial topics. She participated, in the Footscray art centre through the west writer's
group with Alia Gabres, and MSW gigs.  Rania also became part of a community project
called Bukjeh, with Aseel Tayah. Bukjeh creates awareness about displacement to people
around the world. She writes for the Australian Muslim times and podium magazine. Rania
adores connection and finds writing to be her best way of doing so.


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm




Sep 23 2021


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