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Taj Eldeeb


Taj Eldeeb

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World Music for TEENS

( Age 13 – 17 ) Exploring music through listening, sharing and travelling.
This workshop accommodates musicians as well as non-musicians. We will focus the features of different musical styles and cultures and discover more of it by listening, analysing and replicating. Participants will also be encouraged to share the songs they enjoy listening to, we will have discussions around it to further understand what makes this music great. The aim of this workshop is to increase the participants musical culture as well as provide them with basic musical skills.
Activities: -Find out what instruments are being played in a song.
-Define the musical style.
-Define the musical culture.
-Western vs Non-Western scales.
-Odd rhythms.

About the artist:
Camille is a Lebanese musician and film-maker who draws heavily from the traditions of classical Middle Eastern music. The instruments he plays include the Qanun, the Nay, the Buzuq and the synthesizer. He cofounded “Tarabeat” in 2016, which is a music collective combining Arabic traditional music with electronic instruments. Tarabeat managed to perform at various festivals in the middle east, Europe and Australia. Having studied sound engineering and film-making in Beirut, Lebanon, Camille directed a few social documentaries including “Transit” in 2017.


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm




Sep 29 2021


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