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Taj Eldeeb


Taj Eldeeb

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World Music for PRETEENS

( Age 9 – 12 ) Exploring music by crafting, drumming and singing. Music was used by our ancestors as a form of communication. Since then, it became an integral part of our lives and one of the most effective ways to express our emotions. We will familiarise ourselves with scales to convey emotions, and rhythm to guide us through this journey. We will
build our own instruments and learn about music from different parts of the world. This workshop aims to make participants more musically aware, which is an essential base for future musicians as well as music
Activities: -Making instruments from household items.
-Singing songs from different cultures.
-Turning words into beats.
-Feeling rhythm.
-Recording yourself.

About the artist:
Camille is a Lebanese musician and film-maker who draws heavily from the traditions of classical Middle Eastern music. The instruments he plays include the Qanun, the Nay, the Buzuq and the synthesizer. He cofounded “Tarabeat” in 2016, which is a music collective combining Arabic traditional music with electronic instruments. Tarabeat managed to perform at various festivals in the middle east, Europe and Australia. Having studied sound engineering and film-making in Beirut, Lebanon, Camille directed a few social documentaries including “Transit” in 2017.


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm




Sep 30 2021


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