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Taj Eldeeb


Taj Eldeeb

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Playful Mindful ( Arabic )

– Bring something that begins with a certain letter
– Bring something that makes you feel safe…..then we ask why
– Bring something you don’t like…why
– I act out a certain sentence and the kids guess what it is
– We ask the children to prepare a balloon and balance it on the head, ensuring it doesn’t fall on the ground  for as long as possible
– I ask them to try to make me laugh . Stand on one foot for as long as possible
– Ask them to hold a spoon in their mouth with a ball on it and try to make them laugh. The winner is the one who keeps it in their mouth for the longest time
– Ask them to guess the animal or thing I’m thinking of with yes-no questions. ( Age 7 – 12 )

About the artist:
Sahar is a Jordanian woman residing in the UAE. A mother of three children and a life coach specialized in empowering women, mothers and children, passionate about bridging the gap between parents and children.
She has five years of experience in the field of coaching and training through group and individual workshops, in person and remotely. She has a licensed project (The Family Lounge), which is concerned with helping parents in the educational journey and enhancing bonding and communication skills between parents and children, through online coaching sessions using play techniques, which makes her very believe in the importance of playing
for children and adults.  Her vision is that her work is her mission in life and her way to leave a good trail and knowledge that will benefit from it in the world.


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Sep 23 2021


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