Aseel Tayah: Concept and lead artist

Aseel Tayah is a vocalist, art producer and installation artist. She believes that art can change lives. As an installation artist, she creates interactive experiences that challenge stereotypes of Muslim women. Her works Men In Demand and Why The Age of Miracles Ended with Mary have been displayed prominently Palestine, and You Are Not a Boy was featured at Footscray Community Arts Centre as part of the Festival of Live Art. Since moving to Australia from Palestine in 2013, Aseel has been using her voice to tell stories in venues and festivals including the National Gallery of Victoria, Mosaic Festival, and Activist Art Festival. She has been part of a number of theatre productions at the Malthouse, Platform Youth Theatre, La Mama, Polyglot and Metanoia, and featured as a vocalist in the award-winning play Tales of a City by the Sea, which played to sold-out houses in Melbourne in 2014 and 2016, and toured to Adelaide and Sydney. Aseel holds an MA in Education and Art, and is completing her MA in Fine Art and Community Practice at VCA.

Jose Inostroza Aqueveque

Pepe (Jose Inostroza Aqueveque) had a long term relation with human development throw social science and performing arts practices. Graduated in Chile from Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2006 and Bachelor of Arts in Acting in 2011. He also has built a bridge between those disciplines trough different diplomas in Psychodrama, Gestalt, Humanistic and Transpersonal Therapy, and reinforced his communication skills with countless courses in dance techniques, voice & singing, composition and rhythmical techniques. With over 10 years of experience in multimodality Clinics in different therapeutic roles, get involve in his early university years with yoga, and then with breathing, movement and voice techniques that leads him to participate in Physical Theatre and Dance Companies Internationally. Participated as Teacher in Movement for Actors, also participate as assistance professor for Acting in two Universities. Worked as Assistance Director and performer in Theatre Companies. Moved to Australia in 2014, started to apply his experience from therapy as physical therapist into massage clinics working fields, and developing performing Arts projects. Part of 2015 ECL at FCAC, where started to self-research about ideas behind home’s concepts, especially curious about physicality and musicality of emotional aspect in body language from people who speaks English as a second language or has an active linguistic heritage, which leads him to be a Researcher, Director and Performer in Homemotion, presented a FCAC as part of FRINGE 2017. Currently undertaking a Diploma in Remedial Massage and keep developing performances related with themes that incorporate emotional expression and identity. Specially motivated to participate in projects where being able to share his multidisciplinary work with Artist and Communities that identify their self as immigrants, refugees, LGBTTIQQ2S, family-caregiver-patients with VHI, Alzheimer, Cancer and Mental Health conditions.

Sasha Leong

Sasha Leong is an independent multi-disciplinary performing artist, currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

As a dancer, her practice stems from a passion and curiosity to explore and learn a variety of dance forms to add to her movement vocabulary. She started her training in Ballet, Malaysian cultural dances, and went on to explore the Contemporary Dance form, social and folk dances from other cultures, trained intensively in Ballroom, discovered and worked with Butoh and Body Weather Training, and the list goes on.

Sasha’s professional career as a dancer started through performing in large events including Star World’s Glee Flashmob Dance, TM’s Everyone Connects Street Performance, and Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week’s Opening Performance. She was a dancer with The Modjos (dance crew) and briefly, a back-up dancer for R&B songstress, Nadhira. In Melbourne, Sasha has danced with professional Bollywood companies with repertoires in Classical Indian, Bollywood and Banghra dances. She was featured in the catchy Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars ad, and in Hoodlem’s Kintsugi music video.

In 2017, Sasha co-choreographed and performed in an immersive contemporary performance, Emergence, working alongside composer, Tamara Violet Partridge, and visual artist, Alix Whitelaw. She also co-developed and co-delivered a community creative dance program for a local council in Victoria. She has a strong passion for community engagement and social change through dance and the arts. Sasha is very excited and grateful for this new collaboration with Aseel.



Rania is a spoken word artist who has been writing for longer than she can remember. Rania migrated to Australia with family in 1991 when she was eleven years old.

Rania aims to inspire change from within via her poetry. Her writing is inconclusive and hence aims to highlight perspective.

Bukjeh was first developed by Aseel Tayah as part of the Emerging Cultural Leaders Program with Footscray Community Arts Centre. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Supina Bytol

 I am a Visual Artist and Musician presently developing performative video and multimedia works that explore personal cultural imagery from my own feminist perspective.  The aim of these works has been to explore my history, identity and lost cultural heritage and to empower myself and others by finding ways to play with and unsettle defined images of female and cultural representations.

In this exhibition of BUkJA, Supina will create a photo image of hope and light. The play of light and dark,  Of moving and migrating to find a new pathway of dreams and optimistic future. What comes into your mind when you think about moving to a new place?

Tony Pain

Tony Pain is a musician who has led bands and collaborated in performance and production since the 1980s. Perhaps his most well known group was Cranky which had some minor hits last century working with Polydor Records: “Australia, Don’t Become America” and “3 Steps”. More recently he has produced a cross-cultural collaboration called “Bakhdida” by Shlama, which is a lament for a war-torn city and its former residents.