About Bukjeh

Bukjeh is a virtual swag of real and intimate stories by people who have been forced to leave our homes, created in response to children’s questions about refugees. In Arabic, bukjeh describes the small pack of belongings carried by travellers and refugees. By sharing a view into our suitcases, sacks, and pockets, we are sharing our feelings, memories, and experiences of home—and of having to leave it.

Our stories define us and make us unique. The testimonies of those displaced in this ever-changing world are worth documenting and sharing with this and future generations.

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Why Bukjeh

Bukjeh puts new and diverse communities and our stories front and centre for all to share. Some of us are new to Australia, and others have been here for a long time. Some of us make our living in arts and culture, and for others, this is our very first adventure in the arts. With Bukjeh, we are the authors of our own stories. We choose which stories to tell, and how to tell them. As well as bringing our own diverse cultural backgrounds, we bring a range of forms to the storytelling, including spoken word, music, songs, visual arts and language

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I’m Aseel Tayah

Growing up as a refugee in my own country, and raised on the stories of my people violently forced to leave their homes, the language, songs and poetry of the diaspora have always had such a profound effect on me. These stories tell of people who are always willing to go home—if only it was safe for them to do so; if only they were allowed to; if only it was possible.

As a Palestinian living among those displaced within our country, denied permission to return even to see their homes again, questions were seared into me… What did they leave behind? What did they manage to take?

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